About Me!


My name is Avezou Petit Frere ( and you just butchered my name in your head). 

I was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in 1981. The doctors thought and told my parents that I would not make it because I was very ill. My father did not want me to die without a Catholic baptism. He and my mother planned to get me baptized before I went to the underworld. My name was to be Vladimir Petit Frere, but during the baptism my father had a revelation in broad daylight and was inspired to name me Avezou. Upon doing so, I was healed on the spot. I have perfected that story over the years. Trust me it is more convincing when I tell it out loud.

My father passed away when I was nine years old. The following years were the most difficult times of my life. I remember studying through hunger using salt and water not to pass out. My mother raised my brother, my sister, and myself on her own. She had limited help from people that my father helped during his best years and family members.

I graduated high-school then was accepted into Faculte des Sciences (Faculty of Sciences, (FDS)) of the State University of Haiti with my best friend. We were both kicked out the first year as we did not take it seriously enough and wanted to take a break from always studying. We went back the following year and took things more seriously. There I met some of the brightest minds and was taught by professors wanted around the world. I also enrolled in my first programming class and fell in love with it.

In the middle of my third year I moved to the United States. I started working at Stop and Shop as a deli clerk. I was admitted to Nassau Community College (NCC) and enlisted in the Army Reserves as a wheeled vehicle mechanic in December 2006. In January of 2007 my mother passed away. That made me mad because all that I wanted to do was to give her the life that she never had.

I graduated from NCC with an Associates of Science in Engineering Science and then I transferred to the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering from RIT. I almost dropped out due to financial burdens but my fraternity and one Software Engineering professor helped me through the challenging yet rewarding last year.

After graduation, I accepted a position at Harris Corporation where I have been working as a Software Engineer since. I have grown over the last couple years and am still learning a lot in this position.

I had a preference for system software but lately, I have been trying my hands at web development and started learning Django. This site is the result of a couple of tutorials and some apps put together.

When I am not developing software I like to go the theatre; I love plays and musicals. I love going to the movies. I spend a good amount of time reading tech news. I am a Do It Yourself kind of person and I spend some time working on home projects; some of which you may see on this site.